Dirty little sister Brook Logan

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What is it with men and skirts. We see a skirt and it’s in our nature to try and look up it, imagine what’s hiding underneath. We ask ourselves questions like; what kind of knickers is she wearing? Is she even wearing any knickers? Or is she shaved or natural? I wonder if she knows how badly I want to peek up her skirt? Some girls know how bad boy like peeking up their skirts and they play on it. They wear tiny skirts with sexy panties and kind of – you know – bounce about or bend over so you get a quick glimpse, it turns them on, excites them. This is why I love upskirt sites, it let’s us see where we’re not supposed to and the best site there is is Upskirt Jerk and if you’re interested you can  receive 45% off with our discount to Upskirt Jerk and trust me, it’s worth every penny! Ad, don’t forget to check out more exclusive offers.

Brook Logan is one of them girls. She’s your best mates little sister and she has a college netball game tonight but you already new  that, that’s why you’re there. She looks so sexy in her netball uniform – black skirt and black socks. Makes you so hard and every time you’re  there she always looses something and  ends up bending over in front of you looking for it. This week it’s her keys, she’s lost them – no surprise. She catches you looking at her ass and calls you a pervert. You just smile and lie on her bed watching her pretend to look for her keys getting harder and harder over sexy sexy round ass. She likes it, if only her brother new the real reason you came round there. Brook lifts her netball skirt so you can have a really good perv at her white laced knickers and sexy ass. You repay in kind by getting your hard cock out and letting her a good look, only you start to wank it for it. She’s never seen a man wank his cock before and she loves it, she can’t believe how excited it’s making her. Brook sits on the bed and starts rubbing herself gently through her white laced knickers, rubbing on her moist pink pussy. She can’t stop now, her eyes are fixed on your flexing cock, it’s so hard, almost purple. You’re stroking it quite fast now, you want top cum before her brother gets home. you can smell her sweet cunt, it’s less than 2 feet away from you and she’s really applying pressure to her sweet spot, you can tell she’s about to cum and the thought makes you yourself cum. Your spunk starts spraying everywhere, some of it even shoots on Brook’s skirt. It’s Brooks first time seeing a man wank himself and cum like this, she can smell your spunk and she start squeezing her legs together, she’s starting to orgasm, still looking at your racked off cock she  cums really hard in her knickers.

Author: Pervert Dan